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Historical Monuments

To visit the historical monuments contact the Albano Museum, V.le Risorgimento 3, tel. 069325759 / 069323490

Camp of the II Legio Parthica(Castra Albana)
Camp of the II Legio Parthica(Castra Albana)

The camp was built by Emperor Septimius Severus in about 202 a.d. as headquarters for the about 6000 men of the second legio parthica. The castra were fortified with a high wall in opus quadratum, topped with battlements. The rectangular plan was 435 m. long and 232 m. large and covered an area of about ten hectares. This was also fortified with square towers along the sides and round ones on the corners. Some of the towers and walls can still be seen, together with other remains like the main gates, stretches of road paving and other works such as houses and warehouses. The findings from the excavations in the camp are kept in the Albano Museum.