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Historical Monuments

To visit the historical monuments contact the Albano Museum, V.le Risorgimento 3, tel. 069325759 / 069323490

Cellomaio Baths
Cellomaio Baths

Emperor Caracalla wanted this enormous building erected in order to restare relationship with legionaries in Albano who rebelled after his brother Geta was murdered. It was built in concrete with a red brick facing on a quadrangular ground-plan and has buttressed towers at its corners. The building was three storey high. The two upper floors were composed of vast airy halls with marble and mosaic floors and large arched windows while the lowermost substructure was given over the service rooms. In the Middle Ages the building was used as a fortress and later on it was converted into living quarters.  Almost the whole structure can still be seen today.

Address: Via Volontari del Sangue, 6-8